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Policy & Development Practice

The Public Policy & Development Impact practice offers analytical, consultative and results-based strategies and solutions to help our clients – government, the private sector, non- government organizations, and international development agencies – meet their public policy and development objectives. We bring leadership in the formulation of policies, development of programs and framing of proactive and responsive strategies on economic and social issues; the drafting of legislation and designing frameworks for building partnerships and resolving disputes; and research, institutional assessments and the evaluation of policy and program effectiveness to make recommendations for change.

Our Areas of Focus

We focus our practice on four broad areas reflecting our expertise:

Governance: Law, policy and public sector reform, legislation and regulatory frameworks, international standards, institution building.

Economic growth: Labor market governance, industrial relations, dispute prevention and resolution.

Corporate partnerships: Public-private partnerships, corporate social responsibility, social enterprises.

Regional integration: Existing and emerging regional architecture in the Greater Mekong Subregion, ASEAN and the broader Asian region, and its implications for Cambodia.

Our Services

We offer the following services in these focus areas, using multi-disciplinary approaches and tailored to meet particular client needs:
  • Law and policy research, and research synthesis
  • Evidence-based policy analysis and formulation
  • Institutional assessments and recommendations for institutional strengthening and sustainability
  • Project design
  • Legislative and regulatory drafting and critical analysis
  • Design and management of evidence-based dialogue, consultation and facilitation processes
  • Mediation of policy differences, dispute resolution and prevention mechanisms
  • Program evaluation and analysis of policy implementation and its impacts
  • Accessible policy-relevant development knowledge products (in Khmer, English and Chinese)