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Private Transactions Practice

Sok Xing & Hwang tailors services for our clients based on our insights into the competitiveness and dynamics of Cambodia’s labor-intensive industries.

Drawing on our expertise and experience in industrial relations and commercial matters, we provide multi-level, integrated services to enable our clients to achieve their investment and development objectives. 

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

We advise clients on a broad range of compliance and regulatory issues for working and doing business in Cambodia.

  • Labor and employment, arbitral precedents
  • Corporate and commercial
  • Land acquisition, use and control
  • Environment
  • Investment incentives
  • Financing and capitalization
  • Anti-corruption, anti-money-laundering
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy
  • Due diligence
  • Other Cambodian law requirements

Contractual Arrangements, Systems Design, Documentation

We design systems and structure deals for clients, draft and negotiate contracts, and prepare and review documentation.

  • Enterprise or industry based system design for prevention and resolution of labor disputes
  • Collective bargaining frameworks, negotiation protocols
  • Contractual arrangements and system design to monitor and assess risks related to labor strikes, mass labor lay-off, or bankruptcy
  • Corporate governance and shareholding structure
  • Contractual arrangements related to secured rights over enterprise land use within or outside Special Economic Zones
  • Project design, transaction advice and document preparation for investment incentives, financing or M&A
  • Debt restructuring
Negotiation, Conciliation and Mediation

We provide clients rapid-response interventions and represent their interests in negotiation and mediation of projects, deals and conflicts

  • Labor-management negotiation, focusing on providing effective, fast-track response to emergent labor and employment disputes
  • Mediation of industrial relations policy at industry and national levels
  • Negotiation on M&A and other matters
  • Negotiation, conciliation and mediation of other matters
Strategic Case Advisory Services

We advise clients on commercial, legal and alternative dispute resolution strategies on matters that are subject to or cut across formal negotiation, arbitration and judicial proceedings.

  • Negotiation strategy, including business counterparts, government/regulatory agencies, labor and employment matters
  • Arbitration strategy, including labor and commercial arbitration
  • Litigation strategy